Sunday, February 03, 2008

The British police, in a secret operation, arrested six suspected Pakistani terrorists at Gatwick Airport ten days ago after receiving a tip from the Spanish CNI. These guys are supposedly linked to the recently broken-up Barcelona cell.

So. This is good news. I'm always glad when terrorists get caught before they kill somebody. What I'd like to know, though, is where all the human-rights crowd is. We lock up a few hundred terrorists captured under arms, illegal combatants who have no rights at all under international law, and they pitch a fit and call us Nazis. I'd just like to know how many people the Europeans have locked up somewhere supposedly awaiting trial.

El Pais's election survey released today, in the wake of the Gallardon PP antics, and Zap's international and domestic embarrassments, shows the race very close: PSOE42.0% of the vote, PP 38.6%, IU (Communists) 5.1%. Turnout is expected to be about 73%, less than the 77% that voted in the 2004 election, which favors the PP. Also, three-quarters of PP voters in 2004 will repeat their vote, while only two-thirds of Socialists will do the same.

Campaign promise update: Carmen Chacon says the central government will spend €12.5 billion on the Catalan railway system. Meanwhile, Zap has decided he's going to use the Church as a punching bag in order to bring out his hardcore anti-clerical voters.

The shit is hitting the fan in Chad; there's an opposition revolt on and they've killed the head of the army. There is combat in the streets of the capital. France is evacuating Westerners, including six Spaniards; six more are still in Ndjamena. Let's hope this doesn't get too nasty.

Publico runs as its front-page lead story the bogus report from a George Soros-funded activist group, the self-proclaimed Center for Public Integrity, that the Bush administration made up some 900 lies about the Iraq war. As if it were a fact. They also claim that 150,000 people in Iraq have died, which is far too high, and of course they fail to mention that the great majority of those people were killed by the same terrorists who are trying to kill the Americans.

Publico is, of course, the Zap administration's lapdog media outfit. Zap's running against the Iraq war again, and there's no better way to do that than stick photos of Bush and Aznar on the front page with the headline "Five years of lies."

La Vanguardia has lots of coverage of the US primaries, most of whioh is pretty reasonable. However, they gave Andy Robinson the first two pages of the international section to use the movie "Crash" as an illustration of everyday life in LA, where the white man divides and conquers by pitting the blacks and Hispanics against one another. I swear next time somebody refers to a FICTIONAL GODDAMN MOVIE to explain purported facts about the United States, I am going to tie him up, super-glue his eyelids open, and force him to watch "The Green Berets," "Red Dawn," and "Missing in Action" over and over again until he begs me to waterboard him for a change.

So what do you know: in the magazine section Xavier Batalla uses "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" to explain Obama's appeal. Look out, Mr. Batalla, I'm coming after your ass.

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