Monday, February 25, 2008

Round two: Social problems. Rajoy says the problem is the immigrants using public services. More stats. Spain takes more immigrants than anyone but the US. He's slammed Zap for his illegal immigrant amnesty. Zap's comeback: He says he's created more scholarships, has passed a law on gender equality and one subsidizing families with dependents, has raised pensions and the minimum wage, is subsidizing apartments for young people.

Rajoy's not going to give up on immigration, and he's accused Zap about lying on the scholarship thing. Rajoy: Order and control. Zap: You don't care about social problems. The PSOE is the party of individual rights, divorce, etc. He mentioned abortion, not a good move. Rajoy: The PSOE overturned our education law and now the system sucks, and we did increase pensions. Zap's interrupting him, doesn't look good. Now he's blaming the PP for immigration, saying their policies forced him into the amnesty. Rajoy: You failed on immigration and education. He's attacking Zap on the historical memory law and the Alliance of Civilizations. Zap fired back saying Rajoy was heartless.

Round Two to Rajoy on points. He's got Zap on the defensive.

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