Monday, February 25, 2008

Round Three: Crime and terrorism. Rajoy is all over Zap on negotiations with ETA. He says the PP didn't do so while they were in power. Zap brought up 3-11 and said that his government had reduced the number of terrorism deaths. He claims he never used terrorism as a political issue and called Rajoy immoral. He's back on March 11, rubbing in the PP's great error. Now Rajoy's on the defensive and he's angry. He's brushed off 3-11 and is back on ETA, saying Zap is wishy-washy and has let the terrorists blackmail him.

Zap's back on 3-11 again, using very strong words, saying the PP had lied to the people. Rajoy's pounding on ETA and made the mistake of referring to 3-11 himself. He says he could not support Zap's antiterrorist policy and that Zap had repeatedly lied both to him, personally, and to the citizens. Zap's talking numbers, saying he had hired more police, and he keeps bringing up March 11. Zap's attacking Rajoy on foreign policy: "You sent troops to Bush's war." Rajoy: You want them to vote for you over the same things as before, Bush, 3-11, Iraq. Should not have said that. "You, Castro, and Chavez, that's your foreign policy." Zap says now Spain's image is one of peace, solidarity, and cooperation.

Round Three to Zap, who landed a couple of punches.

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