Saturday, February 02, 2008

When the big news today is that Catalan basketball player Pau Gasol has been traded from Memphis to Los Angeles, you know there's not much going on. Gasol had wanted to get out of Memphis for years, and has whined about it in the past. He and his family have shot off their mouths about how Memphis is too small-town hick middle American for their exquisite taste, them being from Sant Boi and all.

Now let's see how he does under big-city media pressure.

One peculiarity: The Spanish press is reporting that Gasol "signed" (fichó) with the Lakers. No, he was traded to them for a couple of other players and two draft picks; he didn't have much choice in the matter, though of course he's happy about it. "Signed" also implies a new contract; Gasol is still under the terms of his old contract, and will be until it expires.

Here's Iberian Notes's commentary on how Gasol wore out his welcome in Memphis last February, including some choice anti-American ranting.

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