Monday, February 18, 2008

Spain, as one might expect, is against the Kosovar declaration of independence, in opposition to the other large EU countries and the US. Spain has lined up with such world powers as Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria. Spanish foreign minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos said, "The Spanish government will not recognize this unilateral declaration because we consider that it does not respect international law." He added, "We have always defended international law. We did it when we decided to withdraw our troops from Iraq, and we will do it now when the question is secession from a state."

The Cataloonies, of course, are in favor of anything resembling secession, because that is exactly what they want to do here. TV3's coverage is very pro-Kosovar, and if you can read Catalan, check out all the comments on their website, nearly all of which are pro-secession. (There are a couple of whackjob Serbian fanatics among the commenters.)

Interestingly, nobody has mentioned the American flags being flown by the Kosovar pro-secession demonstrators. But Joan Puigcercós, ERC's`pathologically Cataloony hitman, called President Bush's recognition of Kosovo "a lesson in democracy for Spain." Quite a change; that's the first time I've ever seen such a rabid Cataloony say anything pro-American, much less pro-Bush.

Somebody leaked an internal security report to El Pais, who happily printed it on their front page, since it declares that the Spanish police have basically crushed ETA and thereby makes Zap look good since he's in charge. I imagine the report is 100% correct, but I also imagine that the link was purposely timed by pro-Zap elements within the interior ministry for a mere three weeks before the elections.

Says the report: ETA is so weakened that it has had to abandon the cell system. Formerly there were recruiting, logistical, material, shelter, training, and operational cells, but now the leadership only trusts a small group of fanatics, who are responsible for all these tasks. ETA is no longer capable of finding shelter for its terrorists after they pull a job, and so they are easily traced by the police. The organization has little or no structure left in France. The hard-core leaders in charge are facing a loss of support, and use the threat of violence to keep lesser members and sympathizers in line. There are some 560 ETA members in prison in Spain.

La Vanguardia ran an election survey yesterday showing the PSOE with a small but significant lead, contradicting the most recent CIS survey showing a dead heat. According to La Vangua, the PSOE would get 43.1% of the vote and 165 seats to the PP's 39.1% and 152 seats. CiU would get 10 seats, the PNV 6, ERC 5, the Communists 5, and others 7. 176 seats are needed for a majority; according to these figures, a PSOE-CiU coalition would need only one more vote, which they can probably get from the Canaries Coalition or one of the other tiny parties. Or the Commies.

Zap promised that within ten years all Spanish young people will know English. Hell, they don't even know proper Spanish.

Sports update: Barcelona won last night, 1-2, in Zaragoza, on a goal by Henry and a questionable penalty converted by Ronaldinho. Madrid got beat by Betis, so Barcelona is only five points back with fourteen games to play. No other teams are in contention for the League title, and Barça is still alive in both the Spanish Cup and the Champions' League. On Wednesday they play Celtic in Glasgow.

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