Monday, February 25, 2008

Round Four: "Institutional policy": regional nationalisms and the like. Rajoy is starting off on the Spanish nationalist flank, saying that Zap has pitted communities against one another. Attacks the Catalan statute. Says that all Spaniards should have the same rights. Zap says it wasn't us, it was you, who caused the interregional strife. Zap's attacking the old PP water plan for some reason. Now Zap's defending the Catalan statute, which won't play in Toledo.

Rajoy said kids in Catalonia can't study in Spanish, always a vote getter. He's back on the damn water plan, and now he's accusing Zap of dividing the Spaniards again. "You have no idea of what Spain is." He quotes several Socialist leaders on this. Geez. Now Zap's on the water plan again. He's trying to defend the Catalan statute again; if I were him I wouldn't mention that. Rajoy's bashing the statute now. And now he's brought up the Catalan Tripartite alliance and the Pact del Tinell, the anti-PP alliance in Catalonia.

Zap: You're the ones causing discord and strife, saying Spain is breaking up. He's trying to appeal to the Socialist base in Andalusia and Catalonia, talking up those statutes. "We like dialogue and democracy," implying the PP doesn't. Rajoy's comeback: You're the antidemocratic ones, trying to shut us out. Zap: We're pluralist, you're not.

Round Four to Rajoy on points.

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