Thursday, February 14, 2008

A paragraph from today's La Vanguardia, on the 50,000 attendees at the mobile phone trade fair in town right now:

Taxi drivers, who are not always good sources of information, in this case have a good X-ray of the fair visitors. Of course, they live off fairs and the business they bring, and those who come here in search of shopping and fun.

"The people who come to the Bread & Butter (fashion show) go out to discos. Dancing, drinking, and partying to the max. The Construmat (construction) people like to go whoring. They're the ones who we make the most money from thanks to the commissions we get from the brothels, above all those on the Castelldefels highway. The Alimentaria (food) people too, but not as much. They waste too much time in restaurants. And the ones at the mobile phones fair are the most bourgeois (pijo). I just took four of them over to the Sagrada Familia. It was 11 PM and I told them it was closed, but they didn't care. I showed them cards from some girlie bars on Calle Siguès, but they weren't interested."

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