Saturday, February 16, 2008

Check out what the pro-Zap, "Fuck Bush" rag Publico has up today.

The headline is, "United States Threatens Earth," followed by, "An American spy satellite the size of a bus will crash into our planet on March 6. The fuel it is transporting is very toxic to humans. The US will try to destroy it before it enters into contact with any populated zones. This is not a movie."

Of the 29 comments, two are reasonable, twelve are off-topic, five are anti-Publico ("Is this a newspaper or a comic book?", "My ten-year-old daughter can write better"), and ten are obnoxiously anti-American. Check some of them out:

The USA is a danger to the planet both actively and passively. It starts illegal wars, massacres civilians, creates prisons without legal guarantees, manipulates elections in other countries, overthrows governments that it doesn't like, dedicates itself to deteriorating the ecosystem irreversibly...and now, "by accident," it threatens us with its space junk, which in addition is toxic.

Knowing what the Americans are like, I wouldn't be surprised if the next possibly black president ends up like JFK...And of course the US wants to recover it, of course, who knows what kind of shit it contains.

The US is so fucking disgusting! Too bad it won't fall on the White House! Now Dan Brown can write another book!!!! We'll see it from the positive side! God, what an awful country!

The US is a threat to the rest of the world? We've all known that for a long time.

When will we have a UNITED EUROPE? Together we can free ourselves from these people (BUSH, and a few others from the same photo). When they don't destroy us with WARS, they invent something to screw over humanity. It's their nature.

Who are they going to send to destroy their spy satellite? Bruce Willis?...Who cares if Hillary...Obama...Republicans or Democrats win? The USA's policies are worse than their movies.

Nobody relates it to China's antisatellite text last year or Putin's demand to prohibit anti-satellite systems? This is a military test, the Cold War for control of outer space has begun.

When China destroyed a satellite with a missile, it caught the Yankees with their pants down. They scare me with their invention that they have to blow up one of their satellites, why did it fail on them. And these people don't give a damn who their shit (excuse me) that they put up there falls on. What they are trying to do is catch up to the Third World technologically, which already has an advantage over them. Indian and Pakistani computer technicians, now Chinese too. Of course the fuel is nuclear. Dirty and harmful to life. They're arrogant bullies, who think they're the greatest thing in creation. Lord, forgive them, but I never will.

Want to see a few comments on waterboarding, which the United States used three times on three top terrorists, including Khalid Sheik Mohammed, and thousands of times on its own soldiers as part of training?

Bush should include himself on the list of most wanted terrorists.

Bush and his friend Aznar should be interrogated with this "method," I'm sure that in ten minutes they would admit all the crimes they have committed against humanity. Every day I am more sure that the majority of countries and international bodies are run by the psychopaths most dangerous to humanity.

Bush is the biggest son of a bitch that the United States has given birth to. Chavez is right to confront him and call him the devil, though the devil is much more worthy than Bush.

If we use this system on Bush maybe he'll tell us what really happened with the Twin Towers and the WTC.

I'd love to beat the shit out of Bush. Bush, you're a pig.

What can you expect from that NEOFASCIST?...You only have to inform yourself about Bush's grandfather's activities during the Second World War. Today in the USA there are 800!!! concentration camps, empty but ready to be used. It's a question of time...more and more greater restrictions on freedom and more media censorship.

There was also a long comment about Israel and the Zionists that didn't make much sense so I haven't reproduced it.

How about some comments on the Northern Illinois University shooting?

Every day we wake up with a similar story from the US, armed psychopaths who murder massively in schools, all a product of that warlike society full of weapons. This is the exemplary democracy that Aznar proposes for us.

If the rulers use torture, if they cause violence in half the world, their society will be the reflection of their insanity, ignominy, and failure as human beings.

Let's think a minute. What psychopath commits suicide? We know the MK-Ultra mental control program was used on many people. Now the Monarch program is even stronger and more diabolical. I remember that in the Virginia massacre there were many witnesses that didn't fit in with the official version. Doesn't it seem like a coincidence that, now that the army is more present in the streets of the USA, and there are people protesting, that these things happen? Reed the laws that the little king Bush has passed with the approval of the Congress and the Senate. And they want to go farther!

I don't care if they all put on jockstraps and have a civil war and all kill each other. I'd be thrilled if there were none left.

Reality is always better than fiction. The US exports the most powerful weapon it has internally: Imperial violence. So this shouldn't horrorize the world.

He who sows tempests...The USA is an insane country, there is no doubt.

You'd be surprised how many people around here obsess over the United States all the time. All these quotes are up on Publico's website today.

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