Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Find out if your blog is banned in China! We're not, unfortunately; we've done too much France-bashing and not enough Commie-bashing. Here's our position. China is a dictatorship but from what we read things could be a lot worse there, and were a lot worse pretty recently. Still, things could be one hell of a lot better, and one of the reasons is that, despite all the economic growth along the coast from Shanghai to Hong Kong, China is still a Communist state, and Communist states suck to live in. The West should do everything possible to encourage the development of human rights in China, though besides issuing firm protests whenever the Chinese government decides to treat somebody unpleasantly, I'm not sure what else we can do. This does not extend to cutting off trade with China or slapping sanctions on them or going off on some military adventure. China's simply too big and important to be ignored, and all we can do is deal with them at a level of diplomatic courtesy. We are not China's friend, nor do we want to be, but it would be reckless folly to turn China into an enemy. This does not apply to, say, Cuba. Cuba is, fortunately, not so important that we have to deal with the Castro regime. We can shun Castro and we are right to do so. But we just can't shun China, no matter how much we'd like to. Is this enough to get us censored? Anyway, click here to find out if you're banned in China. (Thanks to Horologium for the link.)

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