Thursday, November 14, 2002

Thanks to the lovely and sensual Sasha Castel for linking to us. Thanks also to OmbudsGod, who is an ombudsman and who ombuds other ombudsmen in his blog, and thanks to InstaPundit for not only linking to us but also UPDATING the URL for THIS HERE BLOG on his BLOGROLL. Please, please, other blogmeisters, jump on the bandwagon! InstaPundit's doing it, so it must be cool! Homestead has informed me that if I don't pay them some money the old website at will disappear into the ether of the cybersphere. Since I'm not going to pay them any more money, that site will soon be an ex-site and no longer have a link to our new URL, and then all your readers who try to link to Iberian Notes will wind up in the web equivalent of a black hole and, like, have their computers implode or something awful like that. Since you wouldn't want that to happen, hurry up and update!

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