Thursday, November 14, 2002

This article from Frontpage is a little hysterical, but I completely agree with its point. At every demonstration here in Barcelona the Left brings out its six-year-old kids carrying "No War" signs, as if the kids understood the bilge their parents are spouting. You can't stop parents raising their kids however they see fit as long as there's no abuse or endangerment, but it's terribly unattractive to make your children parrot your political ideas. I am just as disgusted by anti-abortion protesters who bring their kids along, of course.

Speaking of demos, remember the P.J. O'Rourke bit about how he asks his friend why, whenever the Left gets its underwear all in a knot over something, thousands of protesters turn out, but whenever the Right is full of righteous indignation, all they get are three old ladies in tennis shoes and a couple of Young Americans for Freedom. His friend answers, "Simple. We have jobs." P.J. also said that you can tell which way the political tide is turning by checking whose side the good-looking girls are on. In the US and UK the good-looking chicks are generally apolitical, moderate or right of center. Non-good-looking chicks are the ones who dye their hair green, get all kinds of shit stuck through their faces, and wear black lipstick. British lefty chicks are particularly horrid. But extremely easy. Just get 'em drunk--they don't need much persuasion--while telling them that England is much more culturally vital or some crap like that than America and they begin behaving in a truly beastly fashion. On the Continent, though, watch out. There are some good-looking conservative chicks, but they're conservative, if you know what I mean, and I'll bet you do. But some good-looking chicks over here get their hair dyed silver and wear blue lipstick and have had a screw drilled all the way through their heads or whatever. And there are lots of real leftist babes, which is something I find preoccupying.

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