Saturday, November 09, 2002

No luck. Paul Zimmerman from CNN-SI didn't answer my NFL rules proposals in his mailbag, although mine weren't nearly as silly as the proposal he liked best (which was, actually, pretty funny), nor as stupid as his own assertion that you just can't expect players not to commit violent infractions like helmet hits when they're trained to do that.

We're going to try again, with this missive to Jack McCallum, their pro basketball guy:

People here are big fans of their hometown hero, Memphis's Pau Gasol. How's he doing this year? Looks like he's been scoring and getting some rebounds, and playing a lot of minutes. But his team loses game after game. Is Pau at all to blame for his team's poor record? What do you think of his defensive game? Do you think he needs to put on more muscle? How good do you see him getting in a few years--do you think he'll be a regular player, an above-average player, a minor star? Major star? Or out of the league?

John Chappell

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