Tuesday, November 12, 2002

You are not going to believe this, but I swear it's true. This has been a weirdly porno-filled week for me. Honestly. My weeks are usually porno-empty. I once linked to a couple of funny and / or interesting sites, Tijuana Bibles, a collection of primitive '20s-40s comics circulated extensively "underground", and Retro Raunch, a collection of teens through about '50s French postcards and the like, but these two sites definitely have redeeming social importance--it's history, for Chrissakes! (Here's an article from Salon, actually the introduction to a book, by controversial cartoonist Art Speigelmann about Tijuana Bibles.) But those are the only remotely nasty sites I've ever linked to. Except for the UnaBlogger. Then, a few days ago, I find the extremely cool website True Porn Clerk Stories, which is a complete and total gas, the blog of a thirtyish woman who works in a Chicago videoclub that apparently specializes in adult videos. (How's that for a euphemism?) Then my wife gets the VCR working; we inherited the damn thing from an American woman named Jane, who went back to California a couple of years ago, and we finally found out what the correct cable we had to buy in order to make it work was. So she goes and rents a porno movie, without my knowledge, "just to see what they're like." Not that I was complaining. She decided it was pretty gross, though, when the male lead began to employ a certain non-traditional orifice belonging to the female lead. Then, today, I get this phone call from my London Irish pal Murph. He says that our American pal Mitch, who works for an Internet company here in Barcelona, has a job for us. He has a contact in London who wants us to translate some pornographic websites from English to Spanish. Of course, I said, "Sure. How much do we get paid?" So that's what we'll be occupied doing for the next few days. It'll probably be more fun than that enormous horribly dull thing we did on car painting. I think I'll get my business cards changed. Right now they describe me as "English teacher. Translator." I want them to say "English teacher. Translator. Pornographer."

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