Friday, November 22, 2002

OK, here's a "Six Degrees of Separation" meme trace for you guys. A couple of days ago I linked to Sasha Castel's (fully credited, she wasn't pretending to have made it up) reproduction of the Bush-Condi Rice "Who's on First" conversation. You may have read it. It's pretty funny. If you haven't read it, go read it. Anyway, this meme, if I can be a pompous ass, is suddenly everywhere. It's exploded all over the world. Yesterday at about 8 AM their time I was listening to KSJO (the most obnoxious radio station I know) in San Jose through Internet "radio" and their morning Drive Time Zoo Team Wacky DJ's Dipshit Dave and Fuckwit Frank, or whatever their names are, did this routine, which they didn't credit but which they certainly didn't make up themselves, as I'd read it beforehand on Sasha's blog and already linked to it here. She got it from one V.C. Darte, who apparently e-mailed it to her. What I'd like to see is where this meme came from and where it's going to. Sasha, where did V.C. Darte get it from? Everyone else, where did you first come across this if it wasn't through us and / or Sasha?

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