Monday, November 11, 2002

We did as we always do, watched the news starting at 2:30 on TV3, Catalan government TV, because they've got good international and local coverage. By about 2:55 they've pretty much run out of news, though, and they still have to run twenty more more minutes, so you see a lot of stories about this old guy who is like ninety-three and has three teeth and can barely walk, much less talk a dialect of either Catalan or Spanish that anyone can understand, who lives up in some town in the Pyrenees, where Jesus lost his sandals, that you can only get to by mule and is still making pots on a potter's wheel just like they did twelve hundred years ago or whatever that he's selling for two hundred euros each, so steeped in the essence of Catalanism is he. When the potters come on, we check our watch and get ready to switch over to Antena 3, whose news starts at 3PM, giving us about five minutes of basketweavers, medieval-dance revivalists, and their ilk before the rather happy-talky A3 folks give us their 45 minutes of Spanish-language private-channel Madrid-based point of view. That way we sort of get both sides of the story. Anyway, counting the 30 minutes we saw on TV3 and the 45 we saw on A3, that's an hour and a quarter of hardcore news viewing we've put in today. Not once, on either channel, was it mentioned that today is the anniversary of the 1918 Armistice. Just in case you were wondering.

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