Friday, March 28, 2003

Angie from Dark Blogules / The Machinery of Night, the unmasker of Márius Serra the plagiarist, took Murph up on his request for other people to classify anti-war letters to newspaper editors in their country. She's in Berkeley, so she's got an awful lot of material to work with. You ought to read Murph's original typology of Spanish anti-war letters on EuroPundits, and then read Angie's response. Then you ought to read everything else on EuroPundits--Nelson Ascher is turning out some great stuff from Paris--and everything else on Angie's damn good blog.

Jesus Gil at Ibidem keeps us up to date from Madrid--check it out. Natalie Solent has the dope--thanks for the link--both at her own site and at Biased BBC. Bite the Wax Tadpole has some cogent analysis, including an excellent explanation of why we might lose the propaganda war even after a clean, quick victory over Saddam. Xavier at Buscaraons has some fine quadrilingual posts--and Xavier is often critical of the United States, but always in a constructive and positive way. He is pro-democracy and basically likes America, despite all its faults, from his Catalano-Quebecois perspective. You're a lot more likely to convince people of your ideas doing things Xavier's way than, say, uh, mine.

Cinderella Bloggerfeller, the most erudite blogger of them all, has two illuminating translations from French intellectuals, with his commentary, of course. One of them is by Pascal Bruckner, who I do know something about, and the other is by some guy from Le Monde I've never heard of but who is no dummy. He also translates a piece (of shit) by Barcelona's own Eulàlia Solé that I couldn't make any sense out of and so didn't translate for y'all. It's good for a guffaw or two and at least three snickers. The Dissident Frogman has a long, brilliant, and very cranky post on the "human shields" who left Iraq after seeing the real nature of the Saddam regime. Frank McGahon fills us in from Ireland--check it out.

Merde in France has a lot of good merde up there to read, along with several enlightening photographs. Eamonn at Rainy Day has several good posts up, including a defense of the BBC. Check out his "Diarist of the Day" feature. Jessica from Chloe and Pete rambles on in a compulsively fascinating manner, switching between war commentaries and, thank God, OTHER TOPICS BESIDES THE WAR. The Jedman fills us in on his love life and his trip to spring training in Arizona, and brings back his famous stupidhero character, the Overland Park Streetfighter.

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