Monday, March 31, 2003

Just a quick skim through La Vanguardia for pertinent quotations:

Monday, March 31: "The witchhunt for the guilty has begun. The military campaign in Iraq has tripped over unexpected difficulties, greater than those foreseen, and this causes tension and impatience in the United States"--Eusebio Val, Washington. "(The British "Desert Rats") eventually defeated the Germans and Italians at El Alamein, two and a half years later, pushing back the Afrika Korps in a humiliating retreat through the deserts of Libya and Tunisia. Shortly afterwards they returned to Europe and participated in the advance through the south of Italy toward Rome, the liberation of Ghent, the landing at Normandy, and the entrance into Berlin."--Rafael Ramos, London; hey, Rafa, that there Berlin thing was the Russians. And Don Mattingly was a pitcher, and you scored an interview with Brian Epstein."The (American religious) fundamentalists insist on the infallible primacy of God and the corruption of modern life. (They would be as willing to bomb New York and San Francisco as Baghdad.)--Norman Birnbaum, "adviser to the Progressive Caucus of the House of Representatives". "Seeing Bush pray before starting this war is pornographic, obscene, scandalous, and indecent."--Jack Lang, French idiotarian.

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