Monday, March 31, 2003

From an interview with Raúl González Blanco, Real Madrid star forward and leader of the Spanish national squad, published in the Vangua today:

Q. What do you think about the war?
A: Well, now that it's started, what we all want is for it to end as quickly as possible and that there is as little suffering and as few casualties as possible. These days in Spain we're watching TV all the time, but while we were in Kiev (for a World Cup qualifier against Ukraine) we were more isolated from what was going on.
Q: Are you against it?
A: I'm not the one to judge. What I'd like is that there were no wars and that there were peace in the world, but it's not just this war, there are a lot of others, but you don't hear about them.
Q: The other day I'm sure you saw the Barcelona players demonstrate in favor of peace. Would this be possible for Real Madrid? Would you wear a T-shirt for peace?
A: I don't know, that's a question you'd have to ask the club. But I think that everybody is for peace, that nobody wants wars or deaths, that that's the only thing that has no solution.

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