Thursday, March 27, 2003

Televisión Española is reporting, first, that Izquierda Unida, the Spanish Communist party, has incited people to hack the Partido Popular's website, and second, on its own website, has posted photographs of Bush, Blair, and company, and of the Spanish PP leaders, under the heading "Asesinos" (Murderers). The PP has announced that it will sue them for libel. Go, PP! I am intentionally not linking to the Communist webpage. Esquerra Republicana, the Catalan neo-fascists (its origin is Fascist, as Stanley G. Payne, my favorite historian, documents; today, it is about as "leftist" as my left nut, but it is rabidly Catalanist. That there is the "national" part of National Socialism. As for the "socialist" part, Esquerra seems to prefer some sort of corporatist paternalistic state in which property would remain private but the government would control the economy. That's what I gather, anyway. They're a lot clearer on their nationalism than they are on their economics. I am not just using the F-word to refer to something I don't like, and I think the F-word perfectly defines Heribert Barrera, Esquerra's elder statesman, who made the news most recently about a year ago with some horribly and blatantly racist statements compared with which Trent Lott's are vanilla pudding) have pasted up similar posters all over Gràcia. I hope the PP sues them too.

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