Monday, March 31, 2003

Here are a few quotations from La Vanguardia in its Sunday, March 30 issue: "The Reuters agency reported yesterday that a child of 14 years was murdered in the city of Mahmudiya when a bomb fell on her house while the family was having breakfast."--Unsigned sidebar, page 3. "(North Korea) has a serious argument: neither the acceptance on Iraq's part of the UN inspectors nor the destruction of Al Samud II missiles has impeded the invasion, so the lesson for North Korea and for any other country threatened by American doctrine is that only the possession of nuclear arms can dissuade the United States."--Rafael Poch, Peking. "New boycott campaigns against French products on the other side of the Atlantic and, above all, the first sign of the grabbing of the reconstruction projects in Iraq by the American business lobby cause nervousness in economic and political circles in France...they fear that the US will impose the "law of the strongest" and its near-exclusive protagonism in the can imagine what might now happen to TotalFinaElf's interests in Iraq."--J.R. González Cabezas, Paris. "The bombings of Baghdad at the beginning seemed to center on official or strategic objectives but now are clearly indiscriminate and affect residential neighborhoods and civilian public places, like the markets where there were so many innocent victims." --Carlos Nadal. "We believe that the way to stop this war is through the active and conscious implication of the workers' movement. We need a strike of 24 hours to stop the war...a million students, in more than 70 demonstrations, said no again to a war for oil in which the only beneficiaries are the multinational corporations, the arms industry, and American imperialism."--Spokeswoman for the Union of Students. George Bush I said the other day something about how it didn't matter how many people demonstrated in Barcelona; "The mayor of Barcelona, Joan Clos, and the Councilman for Tourism were thrilled by the ex-president's allusion. Clos stated that Bush's words were "an honor for the city"...many newspapers from around the world reproduced the photo of the Futbol Club Barcelona's players wearing, before the game, T-shirts that read "El Barça for peace". The Palestine Chronicle pointed out the round of applause with which the fans greeted the players' initiative."--Unsigned. "The photographs of the faces of the first American prisoners were innocuous. What is a very grave attack against the Fourth Geneva Convention, and against humanity, is that armies kill civilians and cause international havoc."--Josep María Casasús, Vanguardia ombudsman. He hasn't mentioned Márius Serra yet in his Sunday column, in case you were wondering, and Serra has not been suspended while they are supposedly investigating the case. I wonder what the OmbudsGod thinks about Mr. Casasús's opinions.

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