Friday, March 28, 2003

For all you new country music fans, check out TwangCast, a damn good Internet country station. They have links to a lot of other interesting sites with cool music, like Freight Train Boogie, The Gumbo Pages, and Alternative Country.Com. Check it all out and pick your favorites. For American and especially Louisiana music, check out WWOZ out of New Orleans, possibly the best individual radio station in the world. Blues, jazz, country, Cajun--they've got it, and I've never heard a lot of the stuff they play anywhere else. KBON out of Eunice, Louisiana, is stupendous, mixing Cajun stuff with classic country and at least one country-pop atrocity per hour. KHYI out of Dallas plays rednecks-and-longnecks Texas country. I like Bluegrass Country.Org a lot, too, though they repeat prerecorded shows all week; it's your only source for all bluegrass, all the time.

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