Saturday, March 29, 2003

There is a pro-war Internet video presentation on the war on Saddam in Spanish which you guys ought to look at. (via Samizdata). It's signed by "Eslabon Perdido", "The Missing Link". This name is registered to Miguel Angel Rodriguez, the former spokesman of the governing Partido Popular. The PP itself has denied any official party connection with this video presentation. It doesn't matter whether they had anything to do with it, in my opinion; making a pro-war video is exercising one's freedom of expression in a much more socially responsible way than, say, throwing rocks at candidates for office, looting department stores, trashing fast-food restaurants, or dumping tons of animal excrement in the streets. Anyway, though, the SocioCommunists, Zap and Gas (Zapatero, the Socialist boss, and Gaspar Llamazares, the Communist leader), are demanding some kind of parliamentary investigation, I suppose on the grounds that the video makes them look like morons at best (the truth about Zap) and mendacious at worst (the truth about Gas). By the way, speaking of Parliamentary investigations, the PP's website is still down; the Communists are e-mail-bombing it.

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