Friday, October 06, 2006

Best recent Google searches on my referrals log:

6. trafficking algeria balearics

Trafficking what? Where can I get some?

5. iberia air hostess worker

Somebody's got a uniform fetish.

4. CNT spanish civil war anarchism compadre

Oh, no, another idealistic youth about to learn all the wrong facts.

3. wahhabist salafist al-qaeda charities mosques nigeria

I have the unfortunate feeling that this guy wants to make a donation.

2. image analysis of velveeta by mel ramos

The image I have of Velveeta is quite negative and needs no analysis. For you non-Americans, Velveeta is a fake cheese-like substance, which I believe is manufactured by Kraft, of course.

1. spanish voters will repent

I'm afraid they will.

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