Monday, October 02, 2006

Watch this video before it gets taken down. Some jokers in Madrid, helped out by a worker at the Congress of Deputies building, sneaked into the legislative chamber and "stole" Prime Minister Zapatero's chair. They filmed the whole thing and posted it on YouTube yesterday, and it's made the news. The worker at the Parliament who let them in will be "disciplined," and prosecutors are talking about filing charges.

This shows exactly how lousy security around here is. What if that had been Al Qaeda or ETA instead of some dopey kids, and what if they'd had a bomb instead of a video camera? Heads need to roll.

Here is the link to these idiots' website.

UPDATE: Turns out to have been, get this, a stunt pulled off by an advertising agency as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for a UN world hunger day. They set up a blog and posted the video on YouTube yesterday. The cops finally got to the bottom of it today and identified those responsible. Here's Libertad Digital's story, and here is El Periodico's.

The point about security holds, since the filmmakers really did connive with a worker to let them sneak into the legislative chamber without informing higher authority.

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