Sunday, October 15, 2006

They're running one of the grossest ads I've seen on TV ever. The product is some skin cream that will help you look younger, and the big sales point is that it is made with "snail slime" (baba de caracol, literally "snail drool"). There are shots of slimy snails, and we are told that snail slime is the substance that allows snails to repair their shells when broken. Great, that really makes me want to use the stuff. I'll wipe snail snot on my face and it will harden into a shell and then I'll look really great. Who the hell buys this crap?

By the way, I have nothing against snails. I rather like them. I kept a few in a fishbowl as a kid. What I do think is gross is the way people around here go out and collect them and then eat the poor little things by the dozen. Ick.

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