Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday afternoon blog roundup while listening to Willie Nelson:

Davids Medienkritik has a must-read long post on anti-Americanism in the German media. If you read only one thing this weekend, make it this one.

Expat Yank, back in New York on vacation, comments entertainingly on "entertainment issues."

Pave France has more on the Airbus debacle, with links and documentation as always.

Pejman has a good piece on Angela Merkel's future; I can't figure how to link to just one post on his blog, so this brings you to his blog's front page.

Rob and Rany on the Royals have new thoughts on where our boys in blue are headed next year. (Hint: They're improving, but improving for the Royals means losing only 90 games and coming in fourth.) Again, no permalinks. Rob Neyer is another person whom I vaguely knew in college; we lived in the same dorm back in 1984.

¡No Pasarán! comments on surveys of Iraqi citizens and how the European media is paying no attention to them.

Publius Pundit opines trenchantly on the Thai coup d'etat.

La Liga Loca has updates on Espanyol, Real Sociedad, and Valencia, among other Spanish football news. This blog is definitely your single best Spanish soccer source.

Fausta is fascinating and prolific, as usual. Just start at the top and keep reading.

Chicago Boyz is, unfortunately, correct on the loss of momentum in the War on Terrorism.

Free Will Blog reports on our state disgrace, Fred Phelps, and his planned picketing of the Amish funerals. If my parents are reading this, one thing they might consider doing is getting the Leawood United Methodist Church, of which they are members, to do something showing that sincere religious people in Kansas repudiate this guy.

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