Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday blog roundup while listening to George Strait:

Barcepundit has posts on Zap and the US flag, and on the cancelled housing ministers' meeting. And here's Publius Pundit on Zap.

La Liga Loca has its weekend preview up. The best match, Barça-Sevilla, won't be televised, even on pay-TV, due to contractual issues between the Sevilla club and the TV networks. I agree with LLL--home win.

Eursoc has an excellent piece on a Times interview with Segolene Royal, and Pave France comments on Ms. Royal's debate problem. Meanwhile, here's ¡No Pasarán! with a blast at French racism.

And Expat Yank has another excellent piece on the British court's judgement against the US Army.

This is Back Talk on why the Lancet study claiming more than 600,000 dead in Iraq is bogus. I mean, jeez, it's an extrapolation based on non-random interviews.

Roncesvalles comments on anti-semitism in Germany.

This is funny. I think.

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