Sunday, October 01, 2006

Some doofus posted this in the comments section:

John: Why aren't you pushing the 11-M Conspiracy Theory? You and your blogging friends have a duty to tell the world that Zap and his muslim allies planned 11-M! OK, well maybe that particular conspiracy theory is falling apart day by day, but you should keep pushing it to sow confusion. Or better yet, come up with another conspiracy. You're good at it.-- Otro Gráciano

Buddy, all I can say is you haven't been reading Iberian Notes very carefully. Here's the first paragraph of June 3's post:

The Spain Herald is defunct. They told me they couldn't find advertisers and it was costing too much money. No hard feelings; they always treated me decently. My only complaint, which I've already written about several times, is that I strongly disagree with the conspiracy theory on the March 11 bombings that they're pushing.

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