Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sports update: As you probably know, Barcelona is now alone in first place in the Spanish football league. Valencia and Real Madrid both lost last week, and so Valencia is three points back and Real Madrid is five points down.

A massive refereeing screw-up gave Atletico Madrid a 2-1 victory last weekend over Recreativo Huelva. First the ref called a penalty in favor of Recre when there was no foul. Then he failed to call a penalty in favor of Recre when there was a very obvious and blatant foul. Then he called a penalty in favor of Atletico when there was no foul. Then he allowed a goal in favor of Atletico when Aguero quite obviously knocked the ball in with his hand. And then he gave an Atletico player a second yellow card but failed to send him off; the linesman had to remind the ref that the guy was out of the game. Just pathetic. They need three on-field refs and four linesmen, all of whom should be professionals.

Last night Madrid beat the crap out of a very poor Steaua Bucharest team in Champions League play; Madrid and Olympique Lyon should have no problem in their group. And tonight Barcelona plays Chelsea, so I will be going down to the bar to watch it. Should be a hell of a game, Ronaldinho vs. Henry and all that. These are probably the two best teams in the world. If you're in the States, look for the match on ESPN 7 or one of those marginal sports channels; one of them ought to be showing it, or maybe one of the Spanish language channels.

La Liga Loca has a rundown on the week in soccer; we agree with him that Robinho is probably Real Madrid's best player and should be on the field every match.

Also, Real Madrid won't start playing well until Guti and Sergio Ramos get rid of those fruity haircuts that make them look like teenage girls.

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