Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday blog update while listening to Commander Cody:

I was rather snotty about Turkish Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk a few days ago; A Fistful of Euros has a nice piece on Pamuk's writing.

The Rottweiler, in his inimitable and rather foul-mouthed style, snacks on British Muslims angry, get this, that the 2012 Olympics will be held during Ramadan.

Chicago Boyz has an insightful piece comparing English and Spanish economic and cultural history.

Fausta is always entertaining. Just start at the top and scroll down; note news from Ecuador and Venezuela.

Eursoc has a post on the contest between Guatemala and our friends in Venezuela for the Latin American seat on the UN Security Council. Go Guatemala!

USS Neverdock is one of my favorite linking blogs; Marc has six or eight links every day that are worth checking out.

Samizdata comments on Islam and intolerance.

Guirilandia is back with a feature on the legendary Seat 600, with photos.

Daniel W. Drezner has a post on the success of American culture in anti-American places.

For those who read and/or understand Spanish, here's Xavier Sala i Martin's interview with José Montilla, the Socialist candidate for Catalan premier, in which Montilla is reduced to a quivering wreck. He totally lost his cool and marched out of the interview while spewing insults. (Via Barcepundit.)

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