Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Colombian government announced today that FARC has been plotting with ETA to murder Colombians in Spain, including vicepresident Francisco Santos and ex-president Andrés Pastrana, along with cabinet ministers and ambassadors, since at least 2003. ETA members trained in Colombia in that year, and ETA and FARC have had contact since at least the early '90s, when they held a meeting in Cuba, of course. Two ETA men gave the FARC an explosives and car-bomb master class. During the ETA "truce" in June 2006, a FARC member traveled semi-openly to the Basque Country to take part in a meeting with pro-ETA front groups, organized by banned ETA-front party Batasuna.

What I want to know is why nobody on the European left will believe that the whole lot of extreme left gangs around the world, from the Montoneros to the Red Brigades to FARC to the Japanese Red Army to the Sandinistas to the PFLP to ETA, are creations of the Cold War. Every single one of them received Soviet support and money, often laundered through Cuba. Of course ETA and the FARC have connections going way back, and the very most basic foundation of those connections is called the KGB.

The far-leftist propaganda machine is already rolling, trying to discredit the computer files discovered by the Colombians during the anti-FARC raid into Ecuador. It won't fly. They're guilty as hell, and so are Chavez and Correa, who are bankrolling them and providing them with shelter.

Zap, do you get it now? Your friend Hugo Chavez, who you sold military weapons to, is supporting a gang of terrorists guilty of kidnapping, drug trafficking, and murder, not to mention trying to overthrow a democratically elected government. And that gang of terrorists is an ally of our very own Spanish gang of terrorists that is murdering members of your very own political party. And the connection between them all is Raul Castro's Communist dictatorship in Cuba. And you yourself are continually seeking to lift European Union sanctions against the brother and handpicked heir of the Godfather.

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