Friday, May 23, 2008

I just heard this song on KHYI internet radio out of Dallas; I haven't found out who does it:

"I never kissed a girl till I went to college
She got drunk and cheated on me
And I never kissed a boy till I went to prison
Murder in the first degree."

Way better than Raimon.


The Man From Kazakhstan said...

I must be your one of your few hits from France. Let's hope I get some reward. Cheers to you, Remei, the cats and the gang.

I am still waiting for a public review of the CDs I donated to the cause. While that happens, the song you are looking for is called "Never Kissed A Girl", from the Woodbox Gang. It can be found on their albums "Born With A Tail" (2003) and "Live at Hangar 9". I shall let you do the rest of the search.

Au revoir! A bientot!

Anonymous said...

Sick song,

Fist time I kissed a girl I went to college she got up and cheated on me, first time I kissed a boy I went to prison murder of the first degree.

Woodbox Gang Never kissed a Girl