Friday, May 16, 2008

Here's some nice Spanish racism from El Correo Gallego via our compadre Colin Davies. Yes, you're right, this cartoon was published in a mainstream newspaper, not in the Ku Klux Klan Kronikle. It's a reference to De la Vega's outburst of horror in Niger after being photographed with a Nigerese businessman and his three wives.


Anthony said...

¡Que moro! (sic) This is aloung the lines of Aunt Jemima and although Al Joelson ment no harm at the time when he wore a black face and white lips. Today it would be in bad taste... I remember my Spanish teacher in Madrid 16 years ago, a nice lady, when explaining the frase ¡Que moro!( What lips, literaly but what nerve, actually) Taught us "Tiene mas moro que un coro de negros cantando Only You". She tried to tell us that it wasn't ment to be racist but I wouldn't say such a thing.

Anonymous said...

You mean 'que morro'? 'Que moro' would mean 'what a Moor / Arab'.


Anthony said...

right Bob. I'm always mixing up my homonyms