Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Virtually no news today. All the papers are reporting, get this, that Franco fixed the 1968 Eurovision contest so the Spanish singer Massiel's "La, la, la" would beat out Cliff Richard's "Congratulations." Yeah, right. Franco had better things to do with his time. He was a traditional military man, a cold, hard-headed realist capable of cruelty, not someone who cared about such silliness. The number of people on the unemployment rolls increased by nearly 40,000 in April, the largest increase since 1997. Nearly half of the newly unemployed are from the construction sector. Barça plays Real Madrid tonight at the Bernabeu, but nobody cares because Madrid's already clinched the League title. I bet the TV networks are really pissed, because Barça-Madrid matches are usually among the year's top five programs in the TV ratings. Rumor has it that Milan wants to buy Zambrotta but not Ronaldinho, and that Barça is interested in some kind of Henry-Cesc swap, which I wouldn't do if I were Arsenal.

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Claudia said...

I forgot all about the game, and only tuned in in time for Barça's only goal. Messi is fantastic, too bad for them they don't have 10 more like him.

As for the Eurovision thing, well, let's consider that this was a time when Spain was expected to still give a damn about the contest. I think this year proves that we have finally accepted it as the bad joke it is.