Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Two stories in La Vanguardia's international section on US news: Georgia executed a murderer, and Obama won North Carolina while Hillary took Indiana.

From La Vangua's comments section on the death penalty:

What a civilized country! The master of the lives and deaths of its citizens...

And this is the country that "demands" that others respect human rights. Even though the crime rate in that country is very high, its causes should be studied, and possibly many would be surprised to see that their own lifestyle is one of the principal causes. Then they act like they're the example for other countries to imitate. What an example!

The causes and the errors are part of the vices of the Americans, especially the ease of obtaining guns. We have nothing to envy the people of the US, nothing at all.

I know about somebody who, if the laws of his own country were applied to him, would have to die...his name is George Bush...have you heard of him?

The Americans like death. It doesn't matter if it's an invasion with hundreds of thousands of victims or an electric chair or lethal injection. These people's moral evolution is less than minimal.


From La Vangua's comments section on the Obama-Hillary story:

I hope they all lose, Obama, Clinton, and the Republican candidates. They represent nothing but extreme vulgarity and foolishness and they are the antithesis of what politics should be. They do nothing but support the economic mafias, the real powers, the multinationals, which sadly hold dictatorial economic power over the world we live in. A short life to all of them. They deserve nothing else, all of them, than total ostracism!

All the candidates are mafiosos, always absolutely in favor of the economic lobbies that dominate the US and the world. With this scum, because that is what they are, we will never have a world in which equality exist, but the gap between rich and poor will keep getting bigger and bigger. A bad, very bad thing. In reality, they are candidates made by the rich and the privileged.

If Obama wins we will have a Republican government for another 4 or 8 years. McCain will beat Obama easily and the Bush era will be extended in time. What are the Americans thinking? Have hamburgers filled their brains with toxins? The bad thing is all we Europeans are going to suffer. Obama, you false Democrat, withdraw for the good of your country and the world!

Obama's advisors think they have everything covered, but as soon as there is a violent Muslim attack against American interests, the nigger will lose the elections because he's a darky...and we'll have Bush's shadow eight more years. Vote for the African, the world is "de puta madre."

The average American may make thousands of mistakes, but the establishment, which really rules, above the president himself, have already thought about how to eliminate somebody who sticks his nose in. Go ask Kennedy...



kaj said...

Barbarian upstart ignorant gringos!
No one are more entitled to and has more experience about democracy to teach the world about the virtues of democracy and human rights than the spanish in all their varieties!
Don't you learn history in the USA?

Joe said...

We Americans must humble ourselves before our more civilized friends from the Iberian peninsula. They have demonstrated throughout their long and illustrious history how superior they are to our own vulgar past and present. We are, after all, just a bunch of mixed breed gun toting cowboys.