Monday, May 19, 2008

United States Senators who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which banned segregation in all public services, whether publicly or privately owned:


Tower, TX
Hickenlooper, IA
Goldwater, AZ
Mechem, NM
Simpson, WY
Cotton, NH


Russell, GA
Harry F. Byrd, Sr., VA
Ellender, LA
Hill, AL
Eastland, MS
McClellan, AR
Fulbright, AR
Johnston, SC
Holland, FL
Robertson, VA
Sparkman, AL
Stennis, MS
Long, LA
Smathers, FL
Gore, TN
Ervin, NC
Thurmond, SC
Talmadge, GA
Robert Byrd, WV
Walters, TN

Robert Byrd is notoriously still in the Senate. Fulbright is the scholarship guy. Gore is Al Gore's dad. Thurmond is the one who lived to be 100. Ervin is the Watergate guy. Long is one of the Long dynasty.


David said...

The scholarship guy? how piquant! I didn't have a clue, I wonder if entire generations of academics cum recipients of prestigious Fulbright grants, often their first career step in the US, are aware of that, too.

El Mago del Dedo said...

Robert Byrd, former member of the KKK has endorsed Barack Obama and Periodista Digital has picked the story

JotaEle said...

Is the republican Goldwater the same one who ran for presidency against LBJ that year?

John said...