Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just a comment: I've been getting several Google hits a day for "javier rodrigo de santos," the Pervert of Palma, the guy who spent €50,000 of city money at gay brothels. The fun part, of course, is that he'd posed as a traditionalist family values advocate, married with kids and all. I don't understand the international interest in him, though. Maybe he has a lot of foreign, uh, friends.

I also got a Google hit this morning for "insid a hores rectom." I'm curious about whether he meant "horse's" or "whore's." Either way it's pretty gross. The searcher is in Crowville, Louisiana, which means he's probably a native English speaker, and he managed to spell all three words longer than one letter incorrectly. I hope I never go to Crowville, Louisiana.


Dave Barnes said...

Northeast Louisiana. South of Arkansas and west of Vicksburg, Mississippi.
Small town.
I don't think you would ever want to visit.

Parker said...

The guy from Crowville is obviously a veterinary student from LSU and is simply doing some research on common equine colon ailments. Give him a break. Also, on your Spanish beer poll, you should add Alhambra. I've always enjoyed their beer.