Monday, November 04, 2002

Here's the sports update for all you folks that are just dying for it. In last weekend's Spanish first division soccer, FC Barcelona put up a poor show in Santander but got out of there with a 1-1 tie. Real Madrid failed again to win, tying 0-0 against Deportivo under the rain again in Coruña. Valencia won against Español here in Barcelona, 0-1. Valencia has scored the second-most goals so far (17) and has given up the fewest (5). That's barely half a goal allowed per match. Real Sociedad won again, 0-1 in Villareal. We still think they'll come back to earth. The top of the standings: Real Sociedad 20 points, Valencia 17, Mallorca 15, Celta 14, Betis, R. Madrid and Deportivo 13, Barcelona and Málaga 12. In the Mutha Fucka watch, he scored 10 points in Barcelona's 93-82 loss at Caja San Fernando.

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