Saturday, November 09, 2002

I attended a screening of "Minority Report", a typical American movie, skilfully made, from the agile rhythm and suggestive camerawork to effects like the spectacular mechanical spiders. The director is a virtuoso of the industry, Spielberg. Although the movie turns out to be disgustingly morbid. A professor used to say that the Americans confuse tragedy with brutality, poetry with sentimentality. As if their official idealism were hiding a sensory dirtiness. Which the film also reveals: we're dealing with science fiction, crime prevention in the middle of the 21st century, which is also portrayed in the manner of the futurism that is so abundant in the English-speaking novel and cinematography and which is based on terror, dehumanization, catastrophism, oppression.

Why do these people who claim to be the paladins of freedom and human welfare fear tomorrow so much? Because the historical process shows that such prophecies have turned out to be false, whether they be the War of the Worlds, "Blade Runner" or the Orwellian Big Brother that haunts us so. When humanity is progressing in all aspects, although it be among scares and imperfections: we are more cultured, healthier, and freer than half a century or half a millenium ago.

Such a futurism does not really foresee tomorrow, but rather is based on the past as destiny, as if humanity were only old and malignant. It is prophecy: you will only be admitted to the Truth of the Lord it you annul yourself and become the servant of a new master. Repugnant. But true. Like Bush, who preaches freedom versus terrorism, which we must obey forgetting the slightest criticism and viewing as the only enemy the second producer of petroleum, Iraq, when those who have economically supported the Bushes are the oilmen of Texas, the state of the Union with most environmental pollution, and who additionally fear finding themselves without oil now that it looks like the reserves will run out in 20 years, and which will additionally be replaced by another completely different source of energy, like hydrogen. The demon Saddam would be acceptable, then, if he were an ally like Saudi Arabia is or like Pinochet was. Bush's and fatalistic futurism's reactionary nature: we're losing ground. Like Bin Laden's ideology: the human being must be mummified in a piece of metaphysical ignorance from a thousand years ago or be killed. Like Holy Mother Russia: after decades of trying to finish off Chechenia, if Chechenia attacks in order to defend itself, then it's terrorism, and justice is found in Putin's gases and bombs.

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