Sunday, June 22, 2003

According to Catalunya TV, antiglobalimoron Jose Bove has been arrested in France and has been hauled off to jail to serve a ten-month sentence for, get this, destroying an experimental field of transgenic rice that belonged to a laboratory. Way to go, Jose, that's what I call doing your best to help out the poor in the Third World, opposing technologies that would allow agricultural production to increase. Of course, Jose doesn't give a rat's ass about the poor in the Third World, or the environment; his goals are a) to get as much publicity for himself as possible b) to bash the United States and c) to protect subsidies to French farmers. The story says some 800,000 idiots have signed a petition to get Bove's sentence commuted. I say they lock him up for ten more months for that McDonalds he trashed. Hey, if I go in and wreck a Catalan torradas amb pernil restaurant and smash everything and scare the crap out of the people in or around there (even if no one gets hurt) and cause thousands of euros in damage and lost income, I go to jail, on about twenty charges of destruction of property and simple assault, right? Things should be no different for Bove.

Libertad Digital is reporting that we hit a convoy in Iraq last Wednesday that might have been carrying Saddam and one of his sons; they are checking what's left of the convoy for DNA. I hope they got him. What a way to go, sneaking around like a rat. You didn't figure Saddam would go down gloriously leading his forces in a last-ditch defense of Baghdad, did you? I sure didn't.

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