Sunday, June 22, 2003

My friend, buddy, and pal the Jedman had a Major League Experience related to Raytown, Missouri, for you Raytown followers out there. Apparently two characters in the story are named Raytown and Raytown II after their hometown. The thing about the Jedman is he has connections. He can get you Royals tickets and he can get you into the luxury box. You can watch the spectacle that is Major League Baseball from the comfort of the box, which has a fridge full of beer inside it. Should you be hungry, deli-tray snacks and hot dogs are available.

Actually, no kidding, the Jedman really can get free baseball tickets; we went three times last time I was there last August. We saw the Yankees, Twins, and A's beat the Royals; we thereby managed to see our hometown heroes get thrashed by the three teams that made the AL playoffs but not by the eventual World Series winner, the Angels.

No, that's not why I hang out with him.

Raytown trivia: "Mama's Family", that thing that started out as a long-running skit on the Carol Burnett show back in the Seventies (I know it got over to England) and then became a TV show on its own not starring Carol Burnett, was set in Raytown, Missouri.

Also, local witty and humorous disc jockey Max Floyd, who, of all things, is distantly related to me, is known to occasionally play his own version of "Raytown Sally", to the tune of Eric Clapton's "Lay Down Sally": "Raytown Sally, why don't you lose some weight..."

Anyway, here's the Jedman:

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
It was theJEDMAN's Major League Experience. I hosted several colleagues at a major league experience last night. Most of them were chicks. Before the experience, we hung out in Raytown. It was raining out so we hung out in Raytown longer than expected. My guests enjoyed several adult beverages. As we pulled in the lot at the stadium, my guests were fighting to see who would pay the parking fee, but I pulled out the parking pass and stated, "We are going big time tonight!" In the lot, it was still raining and I surprised my guests with ball caps. Each one received a ball cap. Inside the venue, I scored some free bobble heads. Each of my guests received a bobble head. At this point, I was looking like an excellent host. The experience started two hours late, but we stayed for the whole game. One of the members caught a foul ball. Not to be confused with Raytown, but Raytown II got hammered. Raytown II was leaning on me as not to fall out of the chair. So I purchased another adult beverage for this person. This is what I do. I love to make people happy and the rain didn't hamper theJEDMAN's major league experience. I'm theJEDMAN.

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