Sunday, June 22, 2003

The Jedman went to see Pearl Jam at the "Sandstone Amphitheater" out in KCK. Here's his chronicle:

I went to the Pearl Jam Rock and Roll show. It was at the amphitheater. We met at Hooter's on the way out to the show. I went with one dude and two chicks. We ate 50 wings. It was great. I kept telling the chicks to pick up their paychecks before we left for the show. When we got out to the ampitheater, the sky was black. Thunder could be heard. Rain was spitting. The opening act played and right when they finished, it started to pour rain and it poured and poured. Then, the lightning came. I was lucky. I took my high tech rain suit. There was no cover anywhere. We were standing under the short awning of the beer stand, but the asphalt slopped down to the base of the stand and the water was pretty high up to my ankles. So, I had my rain suit and I decided to stand on higher asphalt and take the beating of the rain. That worked until I adjusted my collar and rain poured down my front and soaked my t-shirt. It poured rain for about 45 minutes with tons of lightning. With my power pack* I felt like a human jumper cable out there. Then, the rain seemed to let up a little bit and the show started. There was still lightning and the drunks cheered whenever the sky lit up. It was pretty dangerous. With the lights shining on the crowd you could see the rain still coming down pretty hard. The JAM played an hour of hard core PJ fan toons. Then, they played an hour of hits for the pop kids like me. Late in the show, there were some dudes without shirts on running down the hill and sliding on the grass. They did this over and over. Then, I looked over again and one of them was a chick without her top. So, it was the best of all worlds on many levels. There was a young, hot, drunk, wet, and naked party girl engaging in athletic competition. That was the best part of the night. What more is there. Aside from the front of my t-shirt getting wet, I was dry everywhere else except my feet. My shoes were soaked. I took my socks off and left them there. It was a class move by theJEDMAN.

*The Jedman has a pacemaker. This is one of the reasons that he is so into physical fitness now after years of being a lazy-ass beer-swilling slob. Gotta congratulate him for getting down to 195, which is pretty strong there for a big guy like him--he's six-foot-three and built solid, not skinny.

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