Saturday, June 21, 2003

There's some chat going on about the Ten Most Influential Blogs. Here's my take:

1. InstaPundit
2. James Taranto
3. Andrew Sullivan
4. Mickey Kaus
5. Steven Den Beste
6. The Volokh Conspiracy
7. Jane Galt
8. James Lileks
9. The Corner
10. Dr. Weevil

I'd put VodkaPundit on this list somewhere, but he doesn't like me--as a beginning blogger, I apparently committed a faux pas which, he has stated publicly, will not be forgotten or forgiven. Well, that's his problem, not mine, if he refuses to link to Iberian Notes--he's just closing off one more option to his readers.

By the way, the criteria for my list is: which blogs reach AND influence the most bloggers and blogreaders I know and respect? Most bloggers I'm cyber-acquainted with don't pay much attention to what, say, Alterman or Atrios thinks. I might well title this "Ten Most Influential Blogs in My Little Corner of the Greater Blogosphere".

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