Saturday, June 21, 2003

This Blogshares thing is kind of fun. I sold a hundred shares of IEIN in order to get some spending money and diversify, and bought some Ibidem, since it's the blog of record from Madrid; I bought some HispaLibertas because it's a damn good blog and because it's in Spanish--the Spanish blog market is growing now, it's booming; I bought some Puerta del Sol because it's a new blog that is going to become more popular--its owner frequently writes in our Comments section; I bought some Merde in France just because I like it; and I bought some Dissident Frogman because of the Frogman's unique perspective and his ability with computer graphics. He's moved, by the way.

Somebody should figure out how to get Cinderella Bloggerfeller into this. I'd buy his stock. I think his blog is a bit too complex intellectually for a lot of people (not you guys, of course, I mean the people from Raytown, Missouri, out there), but he consistently gets good links from InstaPundit and other well-known, high-profile blogs, and he's the only guy out there discussing writers like Glucksmann and Revel.

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