Friday, June 27, 2003

Cinderella Bloggerfeller wrote a light, funny little piece on avoiding cliches in one's writing. It's actually, like, witty and all, and it includes jokes that are generally better than mine. It is not the slightest bit controversial in any way. So guess what? Some moron is giving him shit in his Comments section. Jesus. Sometimes you can't please anybody. Go read his piece and then the Comments and give him some support.

Jesus Gil at Ibidem has an excellent historical debunking piece on the "Black Legend" of the Spanish Inquisition and its demonization. A lot about the Inquisition was not pretty but its victims were few, certainly if you compare them to the French Wars of Religion or the Thirty Years' War or the Protestant witch hunts (though the number of victims of the witch hunts is often as exaggerated as the number of victims of the Inquisition). One minor quibble: Jesus may be exaggerating the power and influence of the Masons. My grandfather was a Mason. He worked on the railroad. I've read--more like flipped through--his Masonic books. It's just a bunch of gibberish not much different from any other fraternal organization's mystical BS.

Still don't believe Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal. (Via Front Page.) And here's Byron York from National Review making a similar case.

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