Saturday, June 28, 2003

Check out Mlle. Sabine Howard. She's not only a babe, she's also smart. I hate people like that. But thank St. Hayek for her; she's actually bringing attention to "liberal"--i.e. free-market--thinking in France. If this woman can get 80,000 people out to hear her speak, maximum power to her.

My vote for hottest conservative babe goes to Michelle Malkin. She is truly stunning, one of those people Tom Wolfe called a sort of nuclear fusion meltdown among all the groups of people who have come over to the US. Michelle is part Asian and part black, obviously, and I bet she's got plenty of other ancestors from different places. And she's smart, too! This is great. Normally conservative writers are hairy old guys; Michelle is smarter than most of them and also a hell of a lot more attractive.

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