Wednesday, June 11, 2003

The Upper Gràcia Kitten Rescue Squad has struck again. On Saturday Remei heard a kitten meowing piteously up on Calle Sant Salvador, but it was up in the motor of a parked car and I couldn't get it out. I came back every day to bring food and water, and it was in the motor of a different car every day. Finally last night I managed to coax it out with some tuna and grabbed it. She's a female, about two months old, and, like all kittens, is mega-cute. She's obviously used to people, so somebody must have dumped her, which is why she had no idea of how to shift for herself and was hiding out somewhere totally inaccessible. She's calico, white and brown and gray tabby all mixed in patches.

She's very friendly and playful; right now she's playing with a Superball on the floor of this room. She's also gotten into my wastebasket and knocked a book off my desk within the last fifteen minutes. She got over being frightened in about fifteen minutes after I got her home. This afternoon we're going to the vet. I'm already working my circle of contacts to see if there's a kitten-adopter among them. Oscar is the established cat who's reacted the best; he's just sitting and watching her, fascinated. This is the first kitten he's seen except for himself. He's already dared to sneak up on her and sniff her butt. The Siamese Twins, Chang and Eng, have seen it all before and are neutral. They'll get used to her in a couple of days. Lisa has her little kitty nose seriously out of joint, though, and Bart is hiding behind the chair out on the balcony and he won't come out.

This kitten is prime adoption material, and anyone in need of a cat should contact me at This is a kitten who will sleep curled up under your chin and play with your shoelaces when she's awake, so don't hesitate.

We're also going to hold a "Name That Kitten" contest. Remei wants to name her Daisy, but I don't much like that. So send in your suggestions for kitten names.

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