Friday, July 07, 2006

Denis Boyles from National Review has a piece on the recent British polls that demonstrate the Limeys think we Yanks are all a bunch of ignorant vulgar wankers. Boyles fires back with a link to a City Journal piece by Theodore Dalrymple:

No one who knows Britain could doubt that it has very serious problems—economic, social, and cultural. Its public services—which already consume a vast proportion of the national wealth—are not only inefficient but completely beyond amelioration by the expenditure of yet more money. Its population is abysmally educated, to the extent that in a few more years Britain will not even have a well-educated elite.

If you don't believe Mr. Dalrymple, click here.

Meanwhile, that pompous tosser Gerard Baker at the Times took the same subject and came out with a standard "not all Americans are bad, some of them hate Bush too" piece. Here's the key line:

Nor is it news that many (Britons) have long regarded Americans as, shall we say, not quite our class.

He's right, and that really pisses me off. I cannot stand being patronized by Brits who assume I am vulgar and uneducated, especially when so many of them are precisely that. My normal responses are to either put the Brit on by playing the grinning hayseed, or to put him in his place by asking him which part of Essex he is from and which Viz character he most identifies with. It's also fun to take the first letter of his name, add "-az" to it, and call him that. For example, Dave becomes Daz, Gary becomes Gaz, and Bob becomes Baz. This is really fun with posh names, so Trevor becomes Traz and Simon becomes Saz and Nigel becomes Naz. Try it yourself.

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