Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Seems that Barcelona's Teatre Lliure, one of those committed progressive theater companies, commissioned a play about President Bush titled "Arbusht" ("bush" in Catalan translates as "arbust"--pretty funny title, huh?).

This is from El Periodico's review:

"Arbusht" possesses the ingredients of good comedy, but this is cold and terrifying comedy. Any sensible spectator's smile will freeze when he discovers that everything that happens is real, frighteningly real. Grotesque, absurd, surrealistic. "Arbusht" is based on well-drawn characters that are symbols of what Bush's policies have been; religion, economic power represented by oil, and affinity with the demands of the "silent majority" (sic), which incarnates the most conservative values, and which condemns abortion while applauding the death penalty.

(The author) has successfully avoided easy jokes by constructing a sad and tragic character: a poor imbecile who lives in the shadow of his father and who is manipulated by everyone, an unfortunate loser who has never done anything he wanted because, in reality, he has never known what he wanted to do.

Sounds even worse than the average Teatre Lliure spectacle. Note, again, the conspiracy-theory mentality, Bush manipulated by the forces that really run the world in the fervid imaginations of those who like this sort of thing.

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