Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday blog roundup while listening to Taj Mahal:

Roncesvalles shreds a fatuous blonde German TV hostess.

Right Wing News makes John Kerry eat his flip-flops and provides this quick Middle East quiz.

Rainy Day outs Angelo Sodano as the head anti-Israeli in the Vatican.

Fausta notes the BBC's significant omissions.

Eursoc unearths a sinister secret EU plan.

Expat Yank fisks another clueless Guardian columnist.

The Rottweiler eviscerates a British foreign office hack.

Daniel W. Drezner debunks an uninformed "another world is possible" foo-foo.

Barcepundit features guest blogger Aaron Hanscom on the PSOE's anti-Israeli disaster.

La Liga Loca has a fresh roundup of Spanish football news.

And Arts and Letters Daily links to this extremely overdone slice-of-life-in-Spain piece, in which the author calls a bunch of folks hanging out in a suburban Spanish plaza "a sacred gathering." No, no, they're just bored and have nothing else to do.

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